About us

Stonewharf Montage is a solid traditional natural stone company using non-traditional techniques.

Naturally we have our own stone carving workshop where we make the most beautiful products. By hand, but also with our sophisticated machines which are necessary to allow us to work efficiently. As necessary, larger quantities of stone are purchased from our national and international suppliers ensuring that we can buy the best materials at competitive prices.

Our focus is on the delivery and the placement of a wide range of products, including restoration and maintenance. It goes without a saying that our craftsmen are highly experienced, and are up to date with the latest developments within the natural stone business.

Training: on-the-job and in theory

You never stop learning. Since we admire this in our people, we give our employees the opportunity to develop further both for themselves and in the interest of our customers. Our employees are trained on the spot by our masters. Technical training is provided by “Centrum Natuursteen and Fundeon”, the leading authorities in our line of business. Besides this training, our employees also get the necessary occupational health and safety trainings.


Stonewharf Montage actively participates in taking care of our environment, both nationally and internationally. Therefore we have joined the TFT, the Responsible Stone Program. TFT unites the efforts of North-West European retailers, traders, importers and their suppliers to offer an ethically produced product. For more information please see:


Stonewharf Montage is a member of ABN.


We are affiliated with Fundeon.




`Quality makes the difference`